9 thoughts on “Muslims found Americas before Columbus says Turkey’s Erdogan | BREAKING NEWS – 16 NOV 2014”

  1. “Malta yok” They could not find Malta island at the 70’s at a NATO
    exercise, their ships where lost in the mediterranean and they claim that
    they found America. Hahahahaha 

  2. This is getting so bloody old, so many groups want to re-write history, so
    that they can fell closer to this land, have ancient connection to this
    land. The fact is only the Native Americans have this ancient connection,
    and its pathetic that groups like Mormons, norse groups, Atlantis
    theorists, white and black supremacists, and now the turks, would try to
    attempt to steal the very kinship to this land that the Native Americans
    have to this land. These groups need a reality check: they do not, and will
    never have, true kinship to this land, just another attempt at trying to
    rob a people, Native Americans, of even more that has been taken away. The
    honor of discovering this land belongs to the Native Americans, always has
    been and always will be. And as a Tribesman this is my message to the
    turks: keep your false claims out of this land, your history and heritage
    is of Europe, it is not and never was apart of the so-called ‘americas’,
    your claims insult my people and my ancestors, their claims insult every
    accomplishment that my people have achieved, every sacrifice that they
    made, your claims belittle every hardship we’ve gone through from the
    suffering through the ice age to our struggles to learn the survival
    secrets of this land to building the first Mesoamerican empires, your
    claims insult us. Please do not continue these insults, we do not throw
    false claims towards your land, please do not throw them at ours.

  3. i thought it was the vikings, if don’t believe you can see them doing it in
    one of viking vickie episodes what more proof do you require and who knows
    maybe vikings were muslim at that time :P

  4. There is no proof for what he is claiming. He points to a diary entry from
    Columbus which describes a mosque on a hill in Cuba. Experts say he
    probably meant that parts of the mountain resembled a mosque.. Also, if
    Muslims were in the Americas before Columbus, why are there no mosques that
    predate Columbus’s arrival. 

  5. the Chinese found the west coast of America before Columbus landed on
    Dominica, the vikings, the Welsh. Columbus had a better publicity agent

  6. I have found America, when I was in high school back in Turkey and moved
    there in 1989. So glad I did.

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